"#1 Speargun" - a device for harpoon hitting targets under water. Mainly used in spearfishing and underwater sport shooting. Read More
"#2 Underwater flashlight" - has a completely waterproof design, gives a powerful stream of light to create good visibility even in muddy water. Read More
"#3 Spearfishing gloves" - are a continuation of the wetsuit and perform the same functions: protect the skin and retain heat. Read More
"#4 Socks for fins" - protect your feet from cold and damage, make swimming more comfortable. Read More
"#5 Spearfishing fins" - help to move quickly in the aquatic environment, maneuver, save energy and oxygen. Read More
"#6 Watches for spearfishing" - created for safety and allow you to monitor the time spent under water, the depth of immersion (current and maximum possible), the direction of movement. Read More
"#7 Wetsuit for spearfishing" - with the help of a reliable wetsuit a hunter can spend several hours in cold water, completely immersed in the hunting process. Read More
"#8 Mask for spearfishing" - your "eyes" underwater, the most important element should solve the only problem - to create the best visibility in the water. Read More
"#9 Spearfishing belt" - holds the weights depending on the thickness of the wetsuit and the weight of the spearfisher. Read More
"#10 Spearfishing tube" - designed to facilitate swimming in the surface layers of water without having to raise your head for inspiration. Read More