Best Cressi Mask – My Personal TOP 10 Rating

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The most important factor in spearfishing is its excellent visibility. A low-quality mask is guaranteed to spoil you all the pleasure of swimming. The underwater masks of the famous Italian brand Cressi are among the best on the market. For many decades, Cress masks are considered one of the best diving in the world and at the same time remain available to any buyer.

Cressi - Beautiful Mask Ad

Cressi masks are characterized by high quality materials and 100% tightness. They fit tightly to the face and do not let water through at any depths. Due to the anatomical shape, they hold well on the head and do not create discomfort. Even many hours of diving with Cressi masks are not satisfactory for beginners and experienced divers.

I have prepared for you the best masks of this brand, having bought any of them you will not be mistaken. Choose from the list by design, shape and price and enjoy swimming, with love, your Max Smirnov!

Cressi Scuba Diving Snorkeling Freediving Mask Snorkel Set, All BlackCressiBuy on Amazon
Cressi Pano 4 & Supernova Dry, Black/RedCressiBuy on Amazon
Cressi F1 Frameless Mask, White (ZDN283000)CressiBuy on Amazon
Cressi Panoramic 4 Windows Scuba Dive Mask, with Side View (Black Orange)CressiBuy on Amazon
Cressi Panoramic Wide View Mask Dry Snorkel SetCressiBuy on Amazon
Cressi Camouflage Metis & Corsica, Green HunterCressiBuy on Amazon
Cressi DS336950 Scuba Diving Big Eyes Evolution Mask Black/HD Mirrored Lenses, Black/Black, One SizeCressiBuy on Amazon

Cressi Scuba Diving F1 & Supernova Dry

#1 Best Cressi Mask For All

+ Frameless mask with single lens design, tempered glass lens for extra durability + Ultra clear lens for vivid colors, soft and comfortable mask skirt, low volume design + Dry top design snorkel, anti-splash top, special valve seals tube when submerged + Corrugated smooth bore lower tube, quick release snorkel keeper, easy clear purge valve

Looking for the best spearfishing mask? Cressi F1 would be the best choice. Just buy and don't think.

Low profile, great fit, doesn't hurt your face at lower depths when pressure increases.

No need to clear the snorkel when you surface, as it keeps any water from entering. No need to worry about wave water splashing in while swimming on the surface.

Cressi Panoramic Wide View Mask: Pano 3 & Supernova Dry

#1 Best Cressi Mask For Women

+ Great for Scuba Diving & Snorkeling + Enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving without any trouble + Great visibility, fit, durability and comfort + Made of hypoallergenic soft silicone to ensure a perfect sealing

The best choice for women. Soft nose pocket for easy equalization. Lenses in tempered glass for safety and easy-to-clean. Push-button buckles to easily adjust strap length.

Lightweight design: The Pano 3 & Supernova Dry is designed in Italy by Cressi and made in Taiwan.

The snorkel features a special valve on the top that seals the tube when submerged, preventing water from entering the tube.

Cressi Kids Comfortable Silicone Mask with Adjustable Strap

#1 Best Cressi Mask For Kids

+ Anti fog, anti scratch, anti UV lenses + Shatterproof dual lenses & Soft double-feathered edge skirt + Wide strap design ensures comfort + Flexible Nose Pocket

The small mask suitable for children aged around 7 to 15 years. High quality silicone for extraordinary comfort and fit.

Ideal to be used in the swimming pool even in the sea with a snorkel. The soft material allows quick and easy ear equalization.

The two lenses have a design that follows the natural shape of the face increasing drastically the field of view. Made with anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment.

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