Hello, I am Max Smirnov, live on Canary Islands and spearfishing in Atlantic Ocean is my hobby for the last 3 years. I live in a townhouse near a non-tourist beach and have the opportunity several times a week to go spearfishing. Mostly I hunt for fish in the daytime, but recently I got an underwater flashlight and go spearfishing at night.

When I started my hobby, I did not know anything about spearfishing. It all started with the fact that I loved classic fishing from the shore and boats, over time I was wondering: “How does a fish behave under water?”, “What happens in the depths of the ocean when we throw fishing rods?”, “Why does the echo sounder show a lot fish, but no bite?”.

Then I took my old underwater mask, tied a bait hook to the fishing line and began to watch how the fishing looks from the side of the fish itself. I saw how the fish carefully inspects the bait, how it reacts to sounds and movements, how it behaves under water. The sight was amazing, I felt like Jacques Yves Cousteau during the broadcasts on the Discovery Channel. For several weeks I studied spearfishing on the Internet, and then I bought my first equipment (spear gun, wetsuit, snorkel mask, flippers, socks and gloves). Since then, spearfishing has become my passion.

On the pages of my blog I will share my experience, successes and failures, tell you how to start spearfishing from a complete zero, how to choose your first equipment and get the most out of hunting and being in the ocean.

Spearfishing is an extremely versatile hobby. In this sense, neither land hunting, nor traditional recreational fishing, nor various water sports can compare with it. Unless – all together. And such a diverse hobby, of course, has many problems. My blog should help solve some of them. Good luck!