Spearfishing Equipment – All You Need To Start

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"#1 Speargun" - a device for harpoon hitting targets under water. Mainly used in spearfishing and underwater sport shooting. Read More
"#2 Underwater flashlight" - has a completely waterproof design, gives a powerful stream of light to create good visibility even in muddy water. Read More
"#3 Spearfishing gloves" - are a continuation of the wetsuit and perform the same functions: protect the skin and retain heat. Read More
"#4 Socks for fins" - protect your feet from cold and damage, make swimming more comfortable. Read More
"#5 Spearfishing fins" - help to move quickly in the aquatic environment, maneuver, save energy and oxygen. Read More
"#6 Watches for spearfishing" - created for safety and allow you to monitor the time spent under water, the depth of immersion (current and maximum possible), the direction of movement. Read More
"#7 Wetsuit for spearfishing" - with the help of a reliable wetsuit a hunter can spend several hours in cold water, completely immersed in the hunting process. Read More
"#8 Mask for spearfishing" - your "eyes" underwater, the most important element should solve the only problem - to create the best visibility in the water. Read More
"#9 Spearfishing belt" - holds the weights depending on the thickness of the wetsuit and the weight of the spearfisher. Read More
"#10 Spearfishing tube" - designed to facilitate swimming in the surface layers of water without having to raise your head for inspiration. Read More

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Best Cressi Mask – My Personal TOP 10 Rating

The most important factor in spearfishing is its excellent visibility. A low-quality mask is guaranteed to spoil you all the pleasure of swimming. The underwater masks of the famous Italian brand Cressi are among the best on the market. For many decades, Cress masks are considered one of the best diving in the world and […]


How Long Can I Stay Under Water?

An untrained person is able to stay without breathing for 30-50 seconds. But once he breathes pure oxygen, and the delay increases to 4-5 minutes or more. We do not breathe oxygen, but atmospheric air. Venous blood enters the lungs and enters gas exchange with the alveolar air, but its composition is almost constant and […]

Garfish's Teeth

Garfish Spearfishing

Garfish – pelagic fish, average size 50-90cm and average weight 300gr-1kg. Garfish has a narrow, very elongated body, covered with very small scales of a pearly shade. Sharp teeth are located on the long jaws of the fish, shaped like a beak. Dorsal and anal fin set far back, almost at the tail. The scales […]

Sea Bass - my trophy

Sea Bass Spearfishing in The Atlantic Ocean

Sea ​​bass (sea ​​wolf / lubina / labrax) – all these are the names of the same fish. This is a fish of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea. On the fingers you can list the hunters who managed to shoot this beautiful fish. In the Black Sea, in most cases, single specimens are found, […]

My Spearfishing Black Mask

How To Choose A Mask?

Having defined the tasks (depth, ocean or lake, diving or snorkeling) come to the store and select several masks. They should be soft and you like them externally – this is important. Then, without putting on the strap, put the mask on your face and – lightly! – pull the air with your nose. If […]


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